Wangaratta Sustainable Firewood is a firewood "farm" where acacia implexa (lightwood) is cultivated in terraces on the site of a previous citrus orchard. it has around 20 acres of farm forestry with a backdrop of around 25 acres of native warby bush.

We currently have available our first harvest of 6 -20cm diameter logs from prunings and thinnings as well as 20 - 40cm rounds cut to approx 30 cm lengths. These were from distorted or split trees or those causing a risk to fences or powerlines. This has been seasoned for over 3 years.

Lightwood (it's name comes from it's colour) is a medium to high density hardwood with good all round burning properties. It splits easily, can be easily cut into kindling, lights easily and will keep burning in a turned down modern woodfire without the need for other faster burning wood to keep it going. It creates beautiful coals and easily lasts overnight in our fireplace.

Our trees are individually chosen and felled green, not clear felled, and before dying and becoming habitat trees. They are then seasoned for up to 3 years before sale. They are self regenerating, both from cut stumps and from root suckers.

Eco friendly practices of selecting and hand felling, stacking for 3 years of seasoning and cutting and hand splitting of our firewood is more labour intensive than the alternatives of clear felling with bulldozers or heavy machinery or of cutting habitat trees in native forests. Therefore, our pruduct is more expensive, but for the price you get a great woodfire fuel with minimal environmental disturbance.

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Please Note

We have run out of our well seasoned rounds for splitting, and have only limitted supplys of seasoned lengths.

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